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Proline Plumbing Kansas City Plumbers

Licensed Master Plumber Serving Kansas City

10% Discount for first time customers, seniors and military.


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Small and Large sized jobs, Drain Cleaning, Sump Pumps, Water Heaters, Leaky Faucets, New Fixtures, etc.

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Sewer Camera Proline Plumbing Kansas City
Sewer Camera

Our Sewer Camera can go where others cannot.  We will put your mind at ease and provide the best options.

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Proline offers different maintenance packages to keep your home or business safe all through the year.

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Emergency Service

Drain Cleaning, Flooding, Frozen and Broken Lines, Leaks, Backups, Toilet Repair, Garbage Disposals, and more.

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LightRay UV Repair System

LightRay UV Repair System

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The main sewer line is exactly what you think it is. It’s the plumbing line that channels all of the waste from toilets, tubs, and sinks out of your home, toward the main sewer under the street in front of your home. Sometimes, aging lines, tree root intrusions, calcification, and ground movement can all cause the sewer lines under the foundation of your home to crack, leak, and back up, leaving you with costly repairs. Not only are blocked sewer lines expensive, but they also create health risks such as contamination from mold and harmful bacteria. Backups also cause sewers to overflow, spewing harmful waste into streets and waterways.

Traditionally, professionals would need to tear up your home or basement to reach and repair these underground pipes. Today, there are faster, less intrusive, and more cost-efficient options.

LightRay UV Repair is a gamechanger for underground pipe repairs. This state-of-the-art solution uses ultraviolet lights and can be lowered through a single, above-ground access point (clean out or toilet drain) or the vertical stack access point on your roof.

Once in place, the bladder is inflated with air pressure. Then the UV lights are switched on, activating the resin’s curing process. With no disruption to your home or property, the pipe is completely rehabilitated.

If you're having trouble with your sewer line - and want to have them repaired without having to tear up your yard, even going beneath your home, then Proline Plumbing can help - with our new LightRay UV Repair Method, with a 50 year life expectancy!



Clogged drains, system backups, no one likes dealing with these situations, and at the time they can seem disastrous! You can be without hot water, or any water at all, leaving you unable to prepare properly for the day ahead or really be comfortable in your own home or business.

Proline Plumbing was founded on an urge to help local homeowners. Our fully licensed, insured, and bonded team of experienced plumbing professionals can be on the job any day of the week, any time.

At Proline Plumbing we understand the importance of emergency plumbing as well as scheduled plumbing. Because, your system is never going to give you a heads up before something goes wrong!



Our courteous staff has offered outstanding plumbing services in the Kansas City area  focusing on our top priority of exceeding expectations and extending affordable, high-quality, and professional services.

plumber, plumbing service, kansas city plumber, master licensed plumber kansas city, plumbing kansas city

25 Years of Experience in Kansas City

Master Licensed Plumber

Fully Insured

Best Brands Used

Warranties on all Work


Our team puts customer satisfaction first. From dressing professionally and arriving to every job with a smile on our face, to providing you with the highest quality of plumbing work whether we’re on a scheduled or emergency visit. Proline Plumbing hasn’t gotten to where it is today by slacking and slouching!

Every member of our team is licensed, insured, and bonded for your benefit as well as our own. Our team is made up of true professionals with years of experience in the industry, hired because they can do the work you need, in the time you need it done.

When it comes to plumbing repairs, we’re at the top of our game. From small clogging issues to full sewer line repairs and replacements. We work with the latest technology to make assessment simple and repair long-lasting. Through video camera inspection, we’re able to see more than ever into the inner workings of your plumbing system to catch existing problems as well as potential ones and make sure they’re stopped dead in their tracks. You don’t need a large chain of plumbing companies to do the job properly. Rely instead on Proline Plumbing. We can give you the personal touch that chains just can’t, and at the competitive rates they’d never dream of offering.


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